Heart Of England Ayurveda

The White Peacock – About our Logo

The white peacock image came to Sara one day as she was enquiring during a meditation, into her vision for Heart of England Ayurveda.  Sara had first seen a white peacocks in India about 25 years before.

When we researched the symbolism of the White Peacock, it fitted perfectly with Sara’s vision for Heart of England Ayurveda:

The White Peacock is symbolic of all that Yoga and Ayurveda prepare us for: the cleansing and purification of body, mind and heart, so that we may see and realise our innate beauty, wisdom, love and Divinity.

“The White Peacock symbolizes the Divine self-realized. Purified and cleansed, the illuminated soul self is seen”.

Gerald Jenkins, photographer.

“Help the world to become better. Don’t leave the world just the same as you have found it – make it a little better, make it a little more beautiful.”


Ayurveda and Yoga combine perfectly to restore body, heart and mind to an equilibrium which is in fact our natural state of being and yet which evades so many of us most of the time in our busy modern day lives. Without this equilibrium we fall prey to all kinds of disturbances in the body and mind, and our states of happiness, peace of mind and health are diminished.

Once Ayurveda and Yoga begin to bring us back to this natural equilibrium, we not only feel better in body and mind, but we begin to be able to see more clearly who we truly are. Purified and cleansed by the practices of these two ancient wisdom traditions, the veils that previously clouded our vision, fall away. We then realise our true potential as compassionate, empowered human beings who can positively impact this world. The effect of this is that naturallly we find ourselves moving towards, and living more in alignment with, our highest vision and aspiration for our time on this earth.

This is our greatest wish at Heart of England Ayurveda. All our transformational Yoga and Ayurveda programmes are created for the optimum well-being of your body, heart and mind, so that you might uncover and live from the love and beauty that you truly are.