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My Seasonal  Rituals Programme

Have you noticed that there seems to be increasing discussion in our society about the benefits of aligning ourselves with the changing seasons. Social media is full of the wisdom of seasonal eating. TV and Radio broadcasters, the press and Social media seem to be increasingly drawing our attention to significant seasonal junctures such as the Solstices and Equinoxes which our pagan ancestors celebrated with special ritual.

You might also be only too aware of the effect that certain seasons have on your body and mind.

Ayurveda has appealed to us to align with and acknowledge the changing seasons for millenia and, in fact, sees seasonal alignment as crucial for our optimum health and happiness. 

Are you:

  • all too aware that certain seasons bring with them uncomfortable physical symptoms and/or psychological states each year?
  • someone who dreads the arrival of certain times of year because of the effect on your body and mind?
  • experiencing dips in your health and energy levels at certain times of year?
  • someone who has already aligned lifestyle and diet with the seasons, and notice the rewarding spiritual impact of this: a  greater sense of connection to Mother Nature and a call to pay homage to those special seasonal junctures with ritual?

Aligning our diet and daily activities to the rhythms of the day and night and to the changing seasons is thought to be essential to health and vigour in body and mind in Ayurveda. And once we start to pay attention in this way, inevitably an awe begins to arise for Mother Nature as we realise she provides us with exactly what we need each season to stay strong and healthy all year through if only we listen to and follow her messages. 

Ayurveda has known this for millenia and has always advocated that we live and eat in alignment with each season. This is for our health and well-being, and yet it cannot help but nurture our spiritual well-being too as we become more aware of and connected to the wonderful workings of the natural world. In fact in Ayurveda,living out of alignment with the seasons is listed as one of the top three causes of disease. 

Not only will living aligned with the seasons reduce any tendency towards seasonal symptoms, it will support your strength and resilience in the seasons to come, and for years to come. Plus it will re-ignite an awe and wonder for the gift of life and the marvels of our natural world.

The Seasonal Rituals programme is about all of this: the blessings for body, mind and spirit of a life attuned to Mother Nature and the changing seasons.

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“As long as we are not living in harmony with nature and our constitution, we cannot expect ourselves to be really healed. Ayurveda gives us the means.”

Dr David Frawley

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Perhaps you recognise seasonal variations in your health and well-being and experience one or more of the following:

  • Weight gain in the Winter that is hard to shake off in the Spring
  • S.A.D in Winter
  • Hayfever in the Spring and/or Summer
  • Low mood in January and February 
  • Aggravation of inflammatory conditions, for example of the skin,  in Summer.
  • Frequent nasty coughs and colds in the Autumn or Late Winter
  • Disturbed sleep, increased anxiety and worry, exacerbated digestive issues in certain seasons 

In Ayurveda, seasonal irritations are an indication of a deeper imbalance in the body which means they are not something to ignore. Ayurveda seasonal lifestyle, nutritional and herbal prescriptions can reduce the imbalance before it begins to manifest as an expression of more serious disease.

Seasonal junctures are a critical time to take care and redress imbalances and also the tendency for body and mind to go out of balance as they endeavour to adapt to climate and environmental changes.


 “These were her rituals. The routines that made her feel alive and connected. Without them where would she be? Lost.”

Ben Sherwood. 


In a Seasonal Rituals Programme, you will be invited to:

  • enjoy livestream (or recorded) morning Hatha Yoga with special seasonally selected posture and breath practices to help you stay strong and in balance through the season.
  • practice guided meditations to open your heart and mind to the spirit and promise of each season, bringing new waves of inspiration and positivity.
  • make gentle lifestyle and dietary shifts to support your body with seasonal eating.
  • herbal recommendations for extra strength and resilience.
  • enjoy our seasonal shopping lists
  • put a little quiet time aside each day for seasonal reflection with our inner enquiry practices to align heart and mind with thw spirit of the season, clearing out what’s stuck and unhelpful and opening to that which is beneficial. 
  • enjoy daily inspirational messages sent straight into your inbox as a little extra support on your seasonal journey.


The Seasonal Rituals Programmes run for two weeks. They are scheduled to fall on one of the eight major nature festivals as celebrated by our early ancestors. Our ancestors lived more closely attuned to Mother Nature and her ways and they can point us back towards the same as we reconnect with their ancient ways,, marking the beginning, end and/or mid-points of a season.

Beltane Special: Apr 30 – May 14

Summer Solstice Special: June 21 – July 2

Lammas Special: August 2 – 13

Autumn Equinox Special, Sept 20 – Oct 1

Samhain Special Nov 1 – 12

 Yuletide Special: Dec 21 – Jan 1

Imbolc Special Jan 31 – Feb 11

Spring Equinox Special, Mar 21 – Apr 1

Classes are livestreamed via Zoom from 8am-9am tuesdays to fridays, 9-10.30am on Saturdays. Plus there is a livestream talk on the first thursday evening of each programme at 7pm. Recordings are available for all sessions if you cannot make the livestream times. 

“Nature’s peace will flow into you, as sunshine flows into trees”.

John Muir

How would your life change for the better if….. 


  • You now had a formula to work with to begin to resolve your seasonal symptoms and discomforts?
  • You had a health-boosting roadmap for navigating all four seasons with greater ease so that you feel strong, vital and positive all year round?
  • You had access to seasonal eating guides, recipes and simple seasonal lifestyle adjustments to support you to sustain health and positivity throughout the year?
  • You were part of an online caring group which gives you the camaraderie and support to adhere to time-tested seasonal routines.
  • You were guided to build your spiritual connection with Mother Nature and her rhythms, during significant during significant transitional times in the annual calendar, marking these with seasonal ritual and celebration.
  • You practiced Yoga intensively, daily during seasonal junctures to help counter the effects of that season and support you to stay strong and revitalised in body and mind.

On a Seasonal Rituals Programme you will receive:

  • A Seasonal Eating Guide to help you antidote the adverse effects of each season and to eat in the way that supports your body through the coming season.
  • Seasonal lifestyle guidance so that you know how to counter the adverse effects on your body and mind of the season, and how to enjoy the best that each season has to offer.
  • A seasonal shopping list
  • Seasonal inner enquiry practices,journal prompts, healing meditations, and rituals to nourish mind and heart.
  • Membership of an online chat group where you can ask your questions about seasonal lifestyle and nutrition, and share your experiences of seasonal living with others.
  •  Five livestream seasonal Ayurveda Yoga classes each week. 
  • 15% off the seasonal Digestive Reset programmes
  • 15% off the 10-Day Ayurveda Cleanse and Replenish Programmes.
  • 15% off your first 1-1 Ayurveda Consultation when booked during that season.

With new awareness and understanding of the effects of each season on your metabolism, and seasonal rituals for body, mind and spirit which carry you closer to Mother Nature, you will not only be navigating the seasons in a way which supports your strength, health and happiness but also will come to love and cherish each season and the gifts and messages it brings.  

Are you ready to let go of the seasonal discomforts that visit you each year?

Are you ready for year-long health and vitality?

Are you longing to deepen your connection with Mother Nature and the Cosmos?

Then please put the next Seasonal Rituals Programme in your diary and book your place for a wonderful seasonal voyage of self-exploration and transformation.


Each Seasonal Rituals programme runs for two weeks and costs £85.00.

Once you have signed up to the programme, you will receive Zoom links to join the classes and an welcome email, guiding you to make the most out of the coming two weeks’ immersion.

This programme is a total body-mind-spirit immersion into self-care to add strength to your body, clarity to your mind, and new inspiration and vigour to your heart and soul.