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“Your first ritual that you do every day is the highest leveraged ritual by far, because it has the effect of setting your mind for the rest of your day”. 

Eban Pagan

Radiant Mornings Programme

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Are you someone who would love to have a daily Yoga practice if only you could muster the support to get you to the mat each day?

  • Maybe you love the positive impact that Yoga has on your body, mind and heart and just want to bring more of that peace, joy and vitality to your daily life. 
  • Perhaps you are going through a particularly difficult time and know that daily Yoga can help restore balance to your stress levels, your nervous system and mental health.
  • Or are you someone who really wants to evolve and deepen your experience and understanding of Yoga, so that it becomes an integral part of your life?

The Radiant Mornings Programme can bring you all these benefits.


Email us and we will send you the links to join us or receive the class recordings and enjoy them in your own time. 

We all know the blessings that our Yoga practice brings to us and many of us dream of establishing a daily practice. 

And yet getting to your Yoga mat each day, off your own steam, can be quite a challenge. Outer and inner obstacles can rise to meet you in the form of time constraints, a busy schedule, not being quite sure what to do on the mat if you get there, and a lack of motivation and inspiration.

On this programme, Sara greets you on the mat via livestream  every Tuesday to Saturday morning for inspirational Yoga classes which reach the physical, mental-emotional and spiritual dimensions of being. 

These classes interweave a mix of:

  • alignment instruction for postures
  • variations of postures for all levels of capability
  •  breath practices
  •  mudras and bandhas (energy seals and locks)
  • kriyas (cleansing practices)
  •  meditations
  • sacred chant
  • Yoga philosophy and psychology
  • Ayurveda wisdom

Classes run from 8am – 9am on Tuesdays to Fridays, and 9.00-10.30am on Saturdays.

  • If you can’t make the livestream times, you can receive the class recording to enable you to practice according to your own schedule.
  • If you can’t stay for the whole class, you are welcome to leave early to get on with your daily schedule.

In addition, there are two bonus classes and you can receive recordings of these so that you have 7 classes, one for each day, to enjoy every week:

  • Tuesday Evening 90 minute Sivananda Yoga Class
  • Wednesday lunchtime Restorative Yoga
Heart of England Ayurveda
Heart of England Ayurveda
Heart of England Ayurveda

In these Radiant Mornings Yoga classes, you will experience a traditional and authentic approach to Hatha Yoga which comes from Sara’s training in classical Hatha and Raja Yoga. The approach places Yoga  firmly in it’s essential spiritual context.

The classes are also guided by Sara’s training in Ayurveda. Practices are selected according to the nature of each season, time of day and lunar phase to help sustain equilibrium on all dimensions of being.

In this way, these classes support you to advance your Yoga practice and understanding, whilst helping you to stay strong and vital in body and mind all year round.  

As regular participation on this programme begins to restore balance to your body and mind, release toxicity and free up energy for enhanced vitality, immunity, strength and positivity, you will begin to feel yourself shine from the inside out. 

Participants report feeling a different kind of strength and resilience, greater peace of mind and contentment.

For me this programme has meant a daily meeting with myself on the mat …..The regularity and focus of the practices has facilitated more kindness and acceptance of myself and others”.   

Programme participant

On this Radiant Mornings Programme you can:

  • Bring all the positivity you feel after a Yoga class into your life every single day.
  • Enjoy the support of an online group of committed Yoga practitioners motivate you to continue with your daily Yoga practice.
  • Feel yourself become mentally and physically stronger, resilient and revitalised.
  • Benefit from daily guidance on how to bring the teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda into all aspects of your life for greater health, happiness and longevity.
  • Invest in your present and future health every day in the way you love most.

Read more about the Radiant Mornings Programme in our blog.

.“The daily classes have provided an anchor during such uncertain times and now coming to the mat every day is a time of peace and comfort.” 

Programme participant


This programme is £118.00 per calendar month. This can work out to as little as £4.00/class for fantastic rewards for body, mind and heart.

We recommend that you have at least one year of continuous practice to join the classes, and/or some 1-1 Yoga Coaching with Sara to support safe home practice. 


Email us and we will send you the links to join us via Zoom or you can receive the class recordings and do them in your own time. 

To subscribe to this programme, please click the button below.

You can cancel your participation in the programme at any time so that you can try the programme risk free. However, most people benefit from committing to a minimum of three months.

If you are still not sure whether to join the Radiant Mornings Programme, you can trial the class for one week for FREE. Please CONTACT US to request the class ;livestream links.

Alternatively, book a discovery call where you can ask all your questions and Sara will discuss with you whether this programme is right for you or not.

Find out about our E.N.E.R.G.Y system concept which we bring to this and all our programmes by clicking the button below.