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Ayurveda Woman: A 6 Week Online Course

In this 6 week course we look at the Ayurveda way of life for women. 

We will be looking at the Ayurveda understanding of women’s health and well-being in body, heart and mind, especially through the transitional phases of perimenopause, menopause and beyond. 

You will learn about your Ayurveda type and how to sustain balance in your type with lifestyle, nutritional and herbal prescriptions to support the female body, as well as supportive Yoga posture, breath, mantra and mudra practices. 

Additionally, and no less significantly, we are going to be exploring teachings on the feminine spirit in Ayurveda and how to nurture a feminine spirituality for strength, resilience, and fulfilment in your whole being – body, mind and heart. 

We will be honing in on the spiritual significance of menopause and beyond and how we might adapt and adjust our lives, our priorities, our diets, our herbal supports and our formal spiritual practices (Yoga posture, breath, meditation, mantra, ritual) to make the most of this time. In this way we embrace our wise woman strength, energy and self-belief, and we flourish and shine in our later years. 

I’d love to you to join me for this beautiful and all-encompassing feminine body-mind-heart immersion.

The course will be comprised of online livestream classes which will be interactive and include theoretical learning, time for Q&A and supportive practices. 

There will be practical and reading homeworks in between which should require1-2hrs of your time each week, alongside shorter daily spiritual practices to immerse in. 

You will be invited to an optional supplementary Ayurveda Woman Day Retreat in early September (date to be confirmed). 

Times & Dates:

The course will take place in livestream online sessions from 7 – 8.00pm each Wednesday evening, from June 26th to July 31st. 

If you can’t make all the sessions, you will receive a class recording. 


£150.00 for the six week course. 

PLUS! Optional £75.00 for Ayurveda Woman Day Retreat


According to the Vedas, women should be accorded the highest status.

Ayurveda therefore gives plenty importance to the health of women through different stages and transitions of their life. It pays attention to their body, mind and soul, guiding women to move through all stages of life gracefully, radiantly and powerfully.

All this you can learn with us on the Ayurveda Woman Course and Ayurveda Woman Day Retreat. 

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