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Alchemy of Yoga Retreat, May 10 – 17, 2025

The Alchemy of Yoga Retreat is a beautiful and transformational immersion into the practice of traditional Hatha Yoga, meditation and inner enquiry. 

It is wonderful for whoe are wanting to deepen their understanding of and embrace the spiritual roots of Yoga practice. 

It takes place annually in a beautiful natural environment in Cyprus, for inspiration and support of the practices, and where there is little to distract you from practice and from your Self.

“My deepest wish for these retreats is that all participants leave inspired, and take home life-enhancing knowledge to support their health and happiness long after the retreat is finished”.


On an Alchemy of Yoga Retreat you will:

  • Experience the profound benefits of committed daily Yoga practice away from the distractions of regular daily life
  • Develop and new understanding and experience of the Yoga as a spiritual practice.
  • Release limiting thought-patterns that have been stealing your energy and happiness through daily enquiry practices.
  • Learn how to positively impact body, heart and mind for specific effect with posture, breath, mudra and bandha (energy locks and seals), kriyas (cleansing methods) and meditation: uplift, inspire, calm, relax, or energise as you become an alchemist of your own body-mind.
  • Be guided to connect with a place of stillness, joy and love within that you can return to long after the retreat is finished.
  • Find much-needed rest and nourishment for body, heart and soul.

“I thoroughly enjoyed my week with you and very much appreciated your energy and enthusiasm, and indeed, your passion for Yoga and Ayurveda philosophy…I loved the way you taught us in your calm manner to meditate”

2017 participant 

Daily Schedule

A typical daily schedule looks like this….

  • 7.30am Morning Hatha Yoga with posture, breath, and meditation.
  • 9.30am Breakfast
  • 1.00 Pre-Lunch meeting/mini-practice, for example, breath, enquiry, sharing.
  • 1.30 Lunch
  • 5.30  Afternoon Yoga practice with posture, breath and relaxation
  • 7.30m Light supper (Buffet supper in Cyprus).
  • 8.30pm Evening Sunset meditation, camp fire, chanting and story-telling, silent walking.

We will practice:

  • asana (yoga posture) to build strength and suppleness in the physical body, alignment and equilibrium in the subtle body, and balance in our minds.
  • pranayama (breathing practices) to awaken and harmonise the flow of vital energy within us.
  • mudras (seals) and bandhas (locks) to help stabilise, contain and build prana. 
  • meditation to deepen our connection to our essential nature and to experience the consciousness which lies at the core of our being. 
  • kriyas (cleansing practices), mudras (energy seals) and bandhas (energy locks) to enhance the energetic and transformational effects of the practices.

Accommodation and Food:

Meals are always vegetarian, with vegan options available. The retreats usually include, breakfast, lunch and supper.

Shared and single room accommodation options are available. All rooms have a sea view and private terrace, they are spacious with AC and private ensuite. 

What You Will Need?

Yoga mat and bricks, meditation cushion, meditation shawl, Yoga gear, and casual clothing.

  “Thank you very much for an amazing retreat!!  The experience was amazing and your guidance was excellent and very inspiring!! Thank you so much. I would definitely like to come again in the future.”

2018 participant 


Two years’ Yoga experience is recommended before joining these retreats. Plus, we recommend taking some Heart of England Ayurveda Yoga classes, workshops or courses before joining the retreat.

Alternatively, please book a discovery call using the button below, so that you can find out if the retreat is really what you are looking for. 


Polis, Cyprus, May 10 – 17th 2025 (Fly to Paphos International Airport).  

Retreat Fee: 

£450 deposit to secure a place. The balance is payable to our hosts in Cyprus and for single full board accomodation, you can expent to pay approximately 800 euros. 

Travel to the venue is not included. Full directions/travel instructions and details of what to bring etc will be given on booking.

To enquire or reserve a place, please click the button below.